Thermal Auricular Therapy

Thermal Auricular Therapy

Thermal Auricular Therapy

An ancient Indian relaxation ceremony that uses handmade hollow candles to calm the mind, soothe the ears and head. Very helpful for sinuses, nose and throat congestion as it softens and easily removes earwax. While relieving the head of stress and tension helping headache and migrane sufferers.

45 minutes £39.50

Thermal Auricular Therapy complete with Facial

This luxurious treatment consists of a Face Cleanse, Exfoliation, Ear Treatment, Lymph Drainage Massage, Face Mask and Rehydration.

60 minutes £47.50

Indian Head Massage

Detoxifies the body – The benefits of this type of massage seem endless. Besides the obvious ‘Feel good’ factor it has physiological effects.

Physically it helps the immune nervous, respiratory, endocrine, circulation, muscular, skeletal and  lymphatic systems.

Mentally it helps the mind to relax transmitting a life-giving energy that assits all systems to restore and renew themselves.

One of the main attractions is increased hair growth. It can make hair grow faster and healthier by increased blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles through massage, it speeds up the delivery of vital nutrients, oxygen and helps the waste disposal system eliminate toxins.