The Gatineau Promise

“In 1932, I created a brand of excellence for the most discerning of women”

Jeanne Gatineau

80 years ago Jeanne Gatineau,  a renowned beauty therapist, set out to improve the appearance of womens’ skins. She formulated a highly sophisticated range of products using pioneering research in collaboration with experienced dermatologists and bio-chemists. Today we continue to celebrate being one of the most innovative and admired leaders in professional anti-ageing skincare. By combining the best of all sources from the most effective botanical extracts to the latest cutting-edge biotechnology. Gatineau uses state-of-the-art formulas to deliver highly visible results.



Collagen Plumping Facial 60min – £49.95 Specifically designed for plumping out lines and wrinkles, this is an ideal facial to rejuvenate and deeply hydrate the skin. Using a 100% marine collagen mask, it provides an express wrinkle smoothing action whilst restoring skin softness and luminosity. To include facial extraction allow an extra 15 minutes – £55.45

Melatogenine 3-Zone Anti-Wrinkle 60min – £54.95 A high definition anti-wrinkle treatment combining innovative techniques with highly advanced ingredients to reduce lines and wrinkles providing instant and long-lasting benefits as well as a translucent radiant glow. To include facial extraction allow an extra 15 minutes – £60.45

NEW! Supreme Smoothing Facial 75min – £59.95 This advanced 3-zone facial combats the signs of ageing and offers both a targeted wrinkle action and improved firmness. Using the scientifically proven ‘youth molecule’ together with high tech formulas, this facial is able to transform each area of the face with renewed youth. Lines are smoothed, the face appears firmer and the skin looks radiant and healthy. To include facial extraction allow an extra 15 minutes – £67.00

Age Benefit Complete Resculpting Facial 60min – £59.95 A complete anti-ageing facial that redefines the facial contour and leaves the face remodelled as if lifted. Radiance and vitality is restored to the skin and wrinkles are relaxed, visibly smoothed and appear less profound.

NEW! Age Benefit Ultimate Lifting Facial 90min – £74.95 The ultimate in skin rejuvenation – this ‘highly specialised facial draws on Gatineau’s extensive anti-ageing experience and combats all the global signs of ageing. With a sophisticated and precise method this treatment incorporates 3 specific anti-ageing massages together with the application of Gatineau’s renowned ‘Hormomasque’ to provide deep-acting results. Facial features are lifted, vitality is restored and the signs of fatigue are erased.

NEW! Eye Focus 30min – £29.95 A perfect solution to target the delicate eye area. This express treatment is perfect for those concerned with first signs of ageing or with puffiness and dark shadows. Focusing on powerful drainage techniques together with Gatineau’s advanced anti-ageing formulas, the eyes appear bright with vitality restored whilst the skin is regenerated and smooth.


NEW! Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Facial 60min – £39.95 A ‘skin quenching’ facial designed to deliver intense hydration and boost dull and dehydrated skins. Using powerful ‘Osmarporine technology’ chosen for its effectiveness in replenishing low moisture levels this treatment immediately leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth whilst strengthening the skin’s protective barrier.

Nutriactive Nutri Comfort Facial 60min – £39.95 A nourishing and softening treatment designed for dry, flaky skins. Incorporating a nourishing concentrate rich in avocado milk, this facial helps to restore suppleness and energy. The skin is left comfortable, protected and radiant.

Serenite Soothing and Well-Being Facial 60min – £39.95 Does your skin appear lifeless, dull and blotchy? This facial has been designed to detoxify and soothe, restoring vitality and well-being. Feel just how soft and comfortable your skin can be!

Serenite Intensive Soothing and Well-Being Facial 60min – £49.95 For skins that appear lifeless dull and blotchy this is an ideal facial to detoxify and soothe delicate skins. With a myriad of gentle ingredients designed to strengthen the skin’s natural defence system and improve the micro-circulation, this treatment will immediately even skin tone, reduce redness and revive a lacklustre skin.

Clear and Perfect SOS Purifying Facial 60min – £39.95 A clear solution for oily skin. This intense, deep-cleansing and purifying facial will eliminate surface dead skin cells that lead to blocked pores, encourage skin oxygenation and reduce the appearance of imperfections. Your skin will be soothed, moisturised and perfectly shine-free.


Radiance Revealing Facial 60min – £49.99 Regain the radiance and luminosity to your skin with this powerful vitamin-enriched booster facial. Ideal for skins that have been exposed to environmental stress and the effects of modern living, this powerful treatment, rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C, visibly brightens and revives skin texture whilst delivering a surge of moisture, leaving it soft and supple. Expert Peeling Skin Renewal Facial 60min – £49.95 A powerful ‘resurfacing’ treatment designed for all skin types looking to refine skin texture and minimise the signs of ageing to restore a radiant complexion. This facial combines a two-stage exfoliation using advanced yet ‘non-invasive’ techniques to effectively renew the skin without compromising the integrity. A course is recommended.


Pro-Cleansing Facial – 1hr 15min – £52.00 / Course of 4 £184.00 An effective deep-cleansing facial working into the deeper layers of the skin. Tailor-made for your skin type it consists of 4 phases: deep-cleansing sauna mask, the intensive action of the pro-cleansing machine to rehydrate and balance the skin, a face, neck and shoulder massage with Gatineau’s high performance products, then a mask. Recommended monthly.

Pro-Cleansing Facial incl. High Frequency – 1hr 30min – £55.00 Specifically designed to treat oily, congested acne and blemished skins.

Pro-Lifting Facial – 1hr – £52.00 / Course of 4 £184.00 The revolutionary facial from Gatineau. A unique lifting treatment that dramatically improves muscle tone and firmness resulting in an immediate effect. Also works on the lymphatic system to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Includes face, neck and shoulder massage. Recommended 1 per week for 4 weeks.

Pro-Cleanse and Lift Facial – 1hr 30min – £63.00 All the benefits of the Pro-Cleansing Facial combined with the Pro-Lifting Facial. Rebalances and hydrates the skin, tones and firms muscles giving an immediate lifting effect. Includes face, neck and shoulder massage.


Radiance Enhancing Illuminating Flash Facial – 30min – £29.95 To boost, brighten and restore radiance.

Instant Lifting Tightening Flash Facial – 30min – £29.95 For a youthful complexion and firmer features. Perfect Skin Deep-Cleansing Flash Facial – 30min – £29.95 For unbalanced and congested complexions.

Men’s Express Detox Flash Facial – 30min – £29.95 Provides deep-cleansing and skin conditioning. FACIAL ADDITIONS These can be added to any facial to enhance your experience.

Eye Focus – £12.95 To hydrate the eye area.


Youthful Hands – £9.95 Whilst your mask is developing. The hands are one of the most vulnerable areas prone to premature ageing and as such Gatineau have specifically introduced a targeted treatment designed to combat the harmful effects of day to day life. Combining an intense exfoliation to smooth and re-surface the skin together with a relaxing massage, the hands are finally cocooned in gloves with warming capsules to intensively hydrate and soften the skin. Visit the Gatineau Facials website –