Warm Bamboo Massage 1 Hour                      £45.00

Enjoy this deep easing treatment, in which Bamboo Canes are heated and moved across the body using specialist techniques to stretch muscle, release tension and bring about a feeling of relaxation and calm.

Traditional Swedish massage techniques with pre blended organic aromatherapy oils to wash away stress and muscular tension. The massage can be adapted for pregnant mums or anyone intolerant to essential oils by using almond or mineral oil.Infrared treatment is available on request. Infrared generates deep penetrating heat to localized areas of the body. It is known for effective relief on pain and inflammation of joints. To include Infrared                 £5.50

His / Hers
Full Body & face 75 minutes
Full Body 60 minutes
Face, back, neck & shoulders 40 minutes
Back, neck & shoulders 30 minutes
Legs & buttocks 30 minutes